離開校園,奮力一博 2.0 仍然一本初衷,寫的是片段不成篇的讀書心得、不知所謂的網路觀察、忐忑不安的心情、若不克制就日日井噴的牢騷,模糊朦朧的隨手拍….


奮力一博 1.0 是我在家裡、實驗室、咖啡屋三點之間行動的紀錄,這裡有我的讀書心得、對網路的觀察、隨手記下來的書摘、札記、佳句、心情、牢騷以及掙扎與省思,當然也有笨拙的程式設計心路歷程。如果您有話要對筆者說,歡迎留言指教,或者直接寫信給我,來信請寄 imrchen at Gmail dot com

This blog is about a story of man pursuing understanding and being understood. I read a lot. I’m trying hard to pursue a PHD degree in CS. I’m wandering in the Net trying to find the answers to the unanswered questions. You may follow me on Friendfeed to know about me. Or you may visit my other blog:- Roger’s Blog – Ramblings on Life and Lab.


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