Wired 竟然也做露營產品的評論,很意外。

雖然 Wired 編輯下的文章摘要 Why sleep on the cold, hard ground when you can hoist this two-person tent up in the air ? 看起來很迷人,但是文中說要把這個營帳搭起來可不容易,要走在眾人前頭,總是要付一點代價的(其實大多數情況下,代價可不只一點)。

TreePod provides that framework in the form of 20 hollow aluminum poles that hook together like a puzzle. Making the necessary connections is tricky at first, and it requires very careful attention to figure out exactly how a segment is supposed to fit into the frame when….

Source: Review: TreePod Camper | WIRED