BBC 在今年圖靈獎得主宣佈後,訪問 Tim Berners-Lee 老爺子,他在專訪中表達他對「為了打擊恐怖分子,為了國家安全,IM 軟體不該用強力端對端加密」論點的看法。老爺子說的對,如果某個機構可以容易的看到我們的通訊內容,我們怎麼知道,究竟是誰在「看我們的隱私」,我們怎麼知道,失去了隱私,我們就能過上更安全的生活?還是被野心份子「更精準」的打擊傷害?

Weakening encryption would be a mistake, according to Sir Tim. “If you’re trying to catch terrorists, it’s really tempting to demand to be able to break all that encryption but if you break that encryption then guess what – so could other people, and guess what – they may end up getting better at it than you are.”


Source: WWW daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee stands up for end-to-end crypto • The Register