Tim Berners-Lee on Three Challenges to Today’s Web

今年 3 月12日,是全球資訊網 (萬維網;World Wide Web) 的 28 歲生日,Tim Berners-Lee 老爺子在 1989 年那天遞交催生了全球資訊網的經典文件 Information Management: A Proposal。每年這時候,照例老爺子都會出面說幾句話。今年,Tim 老爺子告訴我們過去一年讓他念茲在茲憂心忡忡的三件事

In many ways, the web has lived up to this vision, though it has been a recurring battle to keep it open. But over the past 12 months, I’ve become increasingly worried about three new trends, which I believe we must tackle in order for the web to fulfill its true potential as a tool which serves all of humanity.


Image Credit: Information Management: A Proposal

Tim Berners-Lee 爵士老爺子憂心的三件事是:

  • We’ve lost control of our personal data 我們失去對個人資料的控制
  • It’s too easy for misinformation to spread on the web 錯誤訊息太容易在網路上傳播
  • Political advertising online needs transparency and understanding 政治宣傳不透明

當然他極力呼籲我們要做些事情來遏止這幾件事的惡化,老爺子對這些事的關心和憂心不是新聞了,不過他特別提到錯誤新聞的傳播像野火般擴散,我想 Facebook 對假新聞的態度和 Donald Trump 都把他氣得不輕吧!

The net result is that these sites show us content they think we’ll click on – meaning that misinformation, or ‘fake news’, which is surprising, shocking, or designed to appeal to our biases can spread like wildfire.


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