Pedro Domingos on “The Master Algorithm”

2012 年 CACM 有一篇機器學習圈子裡很受矚目的文章 A few useful things to know about machine learning1 (這篇文章在中國技術圈子被稱為《機器學習那些事》),Google 搜尋的資料說這篇文章至目前為止已經被引用 587 次,一篇導論性的文章短短幾年內被引用接近六百次,確實不少了。


這篇文章的作者 Pedro Domingos 教授在 2015 年出版了 The Master Algorithm2,書的副題是 How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World,作者自己給這本書下的註腳是 Everything you always wanted to know about Machine Learning,比爾蓋茲在 Code Conference 2016 的訪問說這是想要瞭解 AI 必讀的兩本書之一。

And, in Gatesian fashion, he suggested a pair of books that people should read, including Nick Bostrom’s book on superintelligence and Pedro Domingos’ “The Master Algorithm.”

Melinda Gates noted that you can tell a lot about where her husband’s interest is by the books he has been reading. “There have been a lot of AI books,” she said.

盛名之下,不知道是否名副其實。看()書之前,先看看 Pedro Domingos 受邀至 Google 談大演算法的演講吧:


  1. P. Domingos, “A few useful things to know about machine learning,” Commun. ACM, vol. 55, no. 10, pp. 78-87, Oct. 2012. [Online]. Available:  
  2. 繁體中文版書名是《大演算:機器學習的終極演算法將如何改變我們的未來,創造新紀元的文明?》 

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